• Sent an email and received first offer 1 minute later!
    • Sent  the next email to the University of Notre Dame and they reviewed the portfolio 1 second later!
    • YouTube Video Count went from 2 to 200 in 24 hrs.
    • Received 1500 (+) Coach Emails in less than 8 hrs.
    • Received 200 (+) Scholarship/Roster Spot Offers.
    • They fought over the client – 20 (+) D1 Offers
    • Coaches were demanding an immediate audience.
    • D1 Offers made without asking the recruit play live.
    • Scholarship decisions were made based upon PSA Briefcase contents alone.
    • They demanded that the player sign with them ASAP!


The results will be immediate and far reaching, but I make no guarantees. I can at this point base my comments only on what our results have been to this day! If the NCAA allowed us to, we would 100% without any doubt guarantee that we will connect you with Coaches; find you a Scholarship and/or Roster Spot and on top of that we would NOT charge you until either of those things occurred, but the NCAA forbids us to do such a thing! 100% Success!  All clients have been able to connect with a Coach in order to find out where they stand!  This is our ONLY Promise! All we suggest is that you pay close attention to our results:

    • Every Client (100%) is now playing soccer in college even if they only played REC Soccer.
    • Every client had received D1/D2/D3/NAIA; Christian Schools; Military Service Academy offers.
    • Every Accepted Client has received a Collegiate Scholarship Offer!
    • A Client with a 2.9 GPA/4.0 Scale and a 15 ACT Score received a Scholarship offer by E-mail.
    • Our Clients received 100s of Roster Spot Offers.
    • Top Players who are funded by parents 100% of the time received D1 Roster Spot Offers.
    • Top Players who are funded by parents and other organizations 100% of the time were told not to reveal their financials upfront and as a result 100% of the time received significant Academic or Athletic Offers from numerous colleges.
    • Every client has received a Scholarship or Roster Spot Offer within 24 hours.

“These numbers are insane!”

“This is tooo much! I have to get organized quick with a notebook!”

“I just finished talking to the school it went well!”

“He already knew me before and has seen me play. He pretty much offered everything”.

“He offered to pay for my housing in an apartment with other teammates which is 200 a month and I would still probably get between $2000-$3000 refunded back to me”.

“He also said he could help out getting me work coaching”.
“He has a very attacking focused mindset and it sounded all good to me.”

Overall, I am astonished. I wish I knew about this earlier. I thank you so much for this.

Now!  This is the part where many parents and players will usually tell me that, “You are a Liar!” or “You can’t get that done!” or “You need meds!” and the ole epic, “We signed up for NCSA years ago at $800-$2500 per year so we are GOOD!” And 3-4 years later or sooner, they are NOT as good as they thought they were!  Just read the online NCSA Reviews!

It is also important to note:  We are in the middle of a Pandemic of Historic Proportions and more importantly, when High School and College Graduations were over, usually at that point in time Collegiate Soccer Teams were almost 95% set in stone. But last year was so very different. In fact, many schools are still losing commitments due to COVID and now they are being forced to recruit all over again even when their rosters were already set up to four years out. This pandemic changed everything! Players Opted out and many decided to remain close to home, hence local competition got much tougher!

So, when you call, I will review your Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Briefcase plus explain just what this all means to YOU or your PSA based upon a FREE Review and in detail during our initial 100% Free Informational Interview.

I choose the Online Service Provider based upon my evaluation of the player’s needs. The player will work side by side with me as they build their online presence. Once their online profile is done, I will do the rest! Full Payment ($795) is due upfront and if a deposit of half is made the remainder is due when the player receives a Positive Response which includes, but is not limited to connecting with a Coach or receiving an Official Visit; Roster Offer or even a Scholarship offer! We will then release the account to the player! The player will then respond to the coaches and are welcome to call us 24/7 including weekends and holidays for assistance.