Soccer up America ™ Master International Technical Skills (TS) Training Academy

  • Our College ID Camp is a completely different setting, set-up and format that allow Coaches to sit and observe the players and their skill levels in a Traditional College Identification (ID)
  • Our Camp provides each attendee with an inside look at just where they stand against all other aspiring players and at all times
  • We want our camps to be an opportunity for aspiring players to be seen by College Coaches and more importantly to be matched with programs that balance and/or are a good fit for both their athletic and academic skill levels
  • Unlike the other camps our players have the opportunities to train with and be seen by attending coaches from a very different perspective as the Coaches are spectators with the ability to stop play in order to pull; teach; train and interview players in the heat of the moment or battle.
  • Our Peer Trainers are the ones who actually are running the camp and the Training Sessions.
  • Our camps are not just for the colleges, they really are for the players and their families to learn about the pros and cons of playing soccer at the highest levels while exposing them to new available pathways for achieving success.