The College Campus Online Resource Center:

  • Guides the student through the entire college admissions process
  • Updates students as to timelines and deadlines for college entrance exams and college admissions applications.
  • Assists Students with interdepartmental Athletic and Academic relations and communications
  • Provide students with detailed information about the specific colleges programs they are considering.

Informing students and Parents about the college entrance process and ensuring that each student meets the academic and registration requirements at each step of this process are the main focuses of our Soccer up America College Campus Online Resource Center. For students and parents alike, applying to college can be a daunting and even confusing process. Our Counseling Resource Center is staffed by dedicated College Campus Online Counselors who are there for you 24/7 including weekends and Holidays. In fact, our entire team is here to help and guide you with the completion of required documents, such as college essays and financial aid paperwork. They can also help students gather information about the College Admissions Process; Standardized Testing; Recruiting; courses taken, grades, grade point averages and other pertinent details a college might ask for on an application.

College Campus Online Counselors are real live college and university mentors, volunteers or employees who we link and/or match you with as needed in order to ease and facilitate the successful completion of your admissions process. They may also visit High School Campuses and meet with students, parents and High School Guidance Counselors. They also arrange for high school prospects to visit College Campuses during Open Houses and may work hand in hand with Coaches in order to talk about college entrance and scholarship requirements and the college experience and arrange for students to tour their local campus.