Meet the Owner:

From 2008Present, I observed Club Soccer; realized that I so loved the game; listened to all parties talking about the shortcomings of the U.S. Soccer and Club organizations and decided to develop the plan for improving and fixing the infrastructure and that was to be my gift to Club Soccer and now U.S. Soccer, but a funny thing happened on the way to the forum.  I discovered that Club Soccer was not broken.  I learned that the most powerful and financially sound hierarchy in the world had developed a Super Mercedes, but literally did not know how to drive it.

So although the hierarchy of U.S. Soccer seems to be broken, it is not broken.   It is literally evolving!  Of course, when any U.S. National Team at any level fails to make the World Cup, you could make a case for saying that Soccer is mismanaged.  It’s in its infantile stage, but it is not broken by any stretch of the imagination.  In fact, U.S. Soccer is simply going through growing pains and especially in the way that it is communicating with its families and especially its developing young and talented players.  U.S. Soccer is literally like a developing child with one Pathway.  Our kids simply don’t know just where they stand from one moment or day to the next.  They don’t even know what they need to know to be technically proficient.  Many Coaches too are in the dark and it is so very frustrating for all involved, but the love of the game keeps it all alive and growing and thriving for it really is the, Beautiful Game”!

I want to work in Soccer 24/7.  SO at the top end, if you approach a club and you are not considered a recognized Coach or Player previously involved in the game, then you have no right to be an agent of change for the game.  They nod and shake your hand, but that’s about all or as far as you will get.  The perception is that they know it all and they don’t listen to others who love the game as much as they do or even more.  So many families club hop in order to better fit in; leave the game all together or as in my case, end up striking out on their own because of their passion, which the club system seems to be trying to kill.  Perception is Reality!  They, club representativesmost all seem to have forgotten that once upon a time they too were standing exactly right where you are standing this day.

But then there is a ray of hope for I know that at the grassroots levels of even club soccer, coaches and parents are doing amazing things for our kids and one another.  They give their time and money to advance the game while showing compassion for others.  So, that in its essence is not why club soccer seems to be so disconnected from its constituents and members?

They simply have failed to communicate to the pubic their true essence, hence the lack of connection in diverse populations who perceive U.S Soccer to be only for the Rich Kids with Soccer Moms and unreachable, costly membership fees for elitist privileged and mainly “White” people.   But I know the other side.  In fact, I have witnessed it all.  I have seen the ugly side of the system and I have felt the pain.  But I also see the hope, compassion and love that is beaming through like a ray of light that pierces through the darkness, Yes I love Soccer!

I spoke to a high ranking club official telling him of our story as a minority family involved in soccer.  He never asked that I come see him.  I even thanked him for the fact that when I had my Heart Attack and was given just 30 days to live, Club Soccer allowed my 10 year old daughter, then later my much younger son to join a Rec Team on club sponsored scholarship and I mean, they gave us everything and to top it all off, Coach Joe Swinamer would have us over sometimes two and three times a week to feed us.  I will never forget that and they helped us and for years.  So because our current club seemed so disinterested in our perspective, we became disenchanted and just like many other parents have done, decided that it was time for a change of scenary.

In fact, I thought I was on my own until I reached out to another club and was received with open arms.  The thing is, all I want to do is work with everyone for the betterment of our children and their families, because I know that I have a solution that is a viable, but complementary and supplementary solution that allows U.S. Soccer meaning all Clubs; Secondary Schools; High Schools and Colleges to see all perspectives with clarity, in order to bridge and close the gap that is hidden and underlying, but is prevalent and present between them; their families; their players and surrounding communities.

But what I learned was that it seems that all the clubs are focused on is tournaments, branding; membership and league growth and specifically on the systematic annihilation of each other as a club.  Don’t they realize that every David must have a Goliath?  Isn’t it time to focus with pinpoint accuracy on our families and our children?  It’s time to do more, because we can do more!

In 2006, I identified the pending Real Estate Market crash when everyone was saying that everything was ok; called and spoke with the Owner of the largest Brokerage firms in the regiondirectly and then at his direction, his VP of Operations.  I then met twice with the Executive Leadership of that company and provided them with a myriad of diverse recommendations.  They told me that I had balls the “Size of Texas” and thanked me for my information, but that they did not want to use my Agent Internet Concept.  I told them that if they failed to implement such an initiative now, that in near future they will be forced to sell off their buildings and hire new agents as the market was about to crash.

They marched on and the market crashed and they to some extent have had to do everything that I told them that they would have to do.  My wife was one of their Top Listing Agents in Arlington.  In fact, she was the Top Listing Agent, because she used my marketing plan.  After that meeting we immediately left Watson.   The market Crashwas painful for them.  I still have the email that I sent them and I was 100% on point.  Plus, I have the photo of them advertising for agents while simultaneously selling their buildings.  They smile and shake my hand when they see me.

In 1998, I identified a new and unique business model.  Developed the plan and designed the business from the ground up.  Launched the business and grew the concept to become the top service in the country with earning of over $250k annually while running a home based business in 2003-2005.  This was unheard of at that time.  In 1998, I was the only entrepreneur to implement the “Resumes To Go®” Business Model as no one else in the country believed that it would work.  The top Resume Service owner at that time told me that my ideal would never work and that she did not need me or my vision because she already owned the top business.  She was quite nasty – so I told her mark my words, “One day I will run you out of business.”  Five years later she was begging me to work with her and not against her.  She asked if we could just get along as her clients were leaving her in droves. My services alone is a powerful valued added tools as I could prepare resumes for soccer parents for free and/or as part of the Club Value Added Product/Service and just so you know I have prepared résumés for NBA Coaches, NFL Coaches and Sports Group clients and relatives of NFL Hall of Fame Players who have children who played in the NFL and Chefs and others who have flown on Air Force One with the President of the United States.

I successfully ran Resumes To Go ® for 20 years and am still the owner today.  I researched and learned all aspects of Intellectual Property and Trademark Protection and was able to file for and receive the highly coveted ® Registered Designation with the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO).  To put it this way, I do believe that KFC still today does not own its Service Mark as their signs still show ™ which is the Trademark Symbol.

I also set up the U.S. Army Preventive Medical Theater Plan for most parts of Saudi Arabia and Iraq during Operation Desert Shield which was implemented and sustained during Operation Desert Storm.  I received a Nomination for a “Bronze Star” for superior performance while supporting combat operations against a hostile enemy.  I eventually turned down that award, as I was forced to receive it or give that award to one of my soldiers and that was not fair!  So, I told the head of the awards committee to give my award to my soldier instead of me as he was well deserving of it.  I wrote his award recommendation, so how could I deny him.  That soldier went on to become a Command Sergeant Major in the U.S. Army Medical Command.  I saw the dead bodies on the ground while in direct support of ground forces fighting in Northern Iraq and it was those soldiers who were the ones who had my back!

So instead, I then received an Army Commendation Medal for my service in Saudi Arabia and a Meritorious Service Medal for my development and implementation of far forward ideals that allowed a service oriented Military agency that provided health services to earn funds well over $100k during the budget crises of 1995.  I, at that time moved from one section within the Agency to the other section that agreed to welcome me on board and train me in their field.  I sat in just one meeting as a U.S. Army Captain and was floored at their process of providing discombobulated fragmented services to our supportedagencies.  I voiced my opinion; they laughed and dared me to prove that my recommendations would work.  So I was sent to watch one Installation inspection and as a result, I developed a new revolutionary system that was a game changer.  Yes, in the end, I was right and I delivered a new product that brought millions of dollars in revenues to the agency while eliminating waste and the services of high cost outside contractors such as Arthur Anderson.

All I can say is that I can see very similar and flawed technical training systems and a lack of adequate or any practical real world Metrics embedded deep within the infrastructure of U.S Soccer, thus would love to be a vital part of developing and presenting the long term solution that changes how and at what level our game is being played.

I also have developed:

  • Multiple business concepts that will supercharge relations with club parents and thy are national in their potential focus with over 40 revenue streams
  • A new Real Estate Revenue Stream/Concept as the current President/CEO, Real Estate Agent Test Drive LLC, which is a full services Real Estate Brokerage that has been in business since 2005.
  • Founder, Gatekeepers for Christ which is a ministry and not a church
  • Concepts for many inventions and products
  • Over 50 songs