Is the College Admissions and Recruiting process stressing you out? Are you arguing and fighting with your parents? Do you need a Scholarship and do you want to play College Soccer, but have no leads?   If you are behind the power curve and it all seems to be so hopeless, don’t worry.  Let my team place your life on cruise control and remember we have a 100% Success Rate. We do all of the hard work and promise you a life changing experience and except for our account set-up fee, we are ONLY paid when we deliver you positive results. So what do you have to lose? Call us at (904) 515-5675; 24/7 or sign up today!

  • We just took a Stressed-Out High School Student and Player that had already graduated and had NEVER played Club Soccer
  • Signed the player up for recruiting services and created a three (3) minute You Tube Soccer Video in four (4) hours
  • Blasted the Player’s profile and video link with Track and Field PRs to 1400 coaches
  • Received three (3) messages for calls or meetings from Coaches before the player left my office 5 hours later; 187 messages within 24 hours of her leaving my office; several Scholarship offers with funded amounts by the end of Day 2; over 300 messages from Coaches by the end of Day 3; 100s of College ID Camp Invitations; a D-1 Scholarship offer within just 4 days and a 2nd Scholarship offer later on in the process
  • Received messages from Lacrosse Coaches and the thing is we never applied for Lacrosse
  • Received Messages from Track &Field Coaches who were given links by Soccer Coaches – it was insane!
  • Received messages from multiple Coaches from the same programs and all at one time, so they all were talking to one another and sharing information

It is also important to note that I have a 100% success rate to date.  So who’snext?I started this company after having to do this for my daughter all by myself and I must admit, it became a full time job!  To date, as a result have done this for five (5) players including KO (My Daughter) and out of nowhere after getting a player a scholarship and seeing that the passionate player had lacking technical skills – that day I “Lost It”in a creative kind of way and just like that decided to launch “FREE” Soccer Up America™ Technical Skills Training and Peer Coach Certification Training (the next day).  I have published for all to see on the landing page, the video of our initial surprising results. 

I was tired of players not having access to the quality and level of technical skills training that would give them a better or fair opportunity to advance in the game and improve their lives.  So, I also then tested my College Campus Online™system by doing the same for my 14 year old son and he too received the very similar reactions and responses, even with the NCAA Recruiting Rules in place, the numbers of responses were shocking and I was floored. He received VERY personal camp invitations that read like,

“We watched your video; looked at your profile and want to start working with you “NOW”. Can you come to camp next week?”

Who’s Next?  Call (904) 250-6414; 24/7 for more information and to sign up for services.