PSA Silver Compilation Video Package 

Cost: $295.95

You will compile, then forward to us up to 8 videos (1 hour or less) with or without time/date stamped locations and we review your footage; identify your best footage based upon our technical knowledge of the game. Then we will do the rest. You will receive the following Video Editing and Production Services as we will:

  • Help you standout and showcase your best skills and plays
  • Prepare you a Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Player Compilation Video
  • Prepare a 1-3 Minute Compilation Video
  • Maximize your exposure by listing your video on our national website at:
  • Upload your final video to our Play Soccer In College Scholarship YouTube Portal
  • Give you the YouTube Link to your video
  • Add your video to your PSA Briefcase Player Profile and Cover Letter*
  • Send your video to over 1000 Colleges and Universities when you buy our PSA College Connect™ Scholarship Service*
  • Afford you the opportunity to host and assign a Domain Name to your video at a reasonable and low monthly cost.
  • Add Highlights such as Shadows and Arrows to ID you in your Games
  • Add a Title Page (PSA Tales of The Tape Marquee) at the beginning of your video to highlight BOTH your Accomplishments and Player Demographics
  • Add Free Public Domain Music to your video
  • Add special effects (slow motion, freeze frame, replay, etc.) when viable or applicable
  • Give you a Special 30% Discount when you purchase your next video production package