PSA Bronze Compilation Video Package 

Cost: $145.95

You will compile, then forward to us up to 20 clips or time/date stamped locations within your presented video and we will do the rest. You will receive the following Video Editing and Production Services as we will:

  • Help you standout and showcase your best skills and plays
  • Teach you how to assemble and improve your future videos as we are preparing a video for you
  • Prepare you a Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Player Compilation Video at a significant discounted rate because you identified the most important plays
  • Forward you our easy to use Video Compilation Chart in order for you to organize your information and footage
  • Prepare a 1-3 Minute Compilation Video for you use
  • Maximize your exposure by listing your video on our national website at:
  • Upload your final video to our Play Soccer In College Scholarship YouTube Portal
  • Give you the YouTube Link to your video
  • Add your video to your PSA Briefcase Player Profile and Cover Letter*
  • Send your video to over 1000 Colleges and Universities when you buy our PSA College Connect™ Scholarship Service
  • Afford you the opportunity to host and assign a Domain Name to your video at a reasonable and low monthly cost.
  • Add Highlights such as Shadows and Arrows to ID you in your Games
  • Add a Title Page (PSA Tales of The Tape Marquee) at the beginning of your video to highlight BOTH your Accomplishments and Player Demographics
  • Add Free Public Domain Music to your video
  • Add special effects (slow motion, freeze frame, replay, etc.) when viable or applicable

A highlight video made from the footage of up to 8 of your best games (maximum 700 minutes of footage). We digitally highlight you to ensure viewers know where you are on each play.