Soccer up America ™ Master International Technical Skills (TS) Training Academy

Advanced Soccer Camps – $195.00 per camp

  • Our 4-8 Hour or Multi-day Elite Camps are designed to challenge the most talented players with fast paced advanced International and Brazilian “Technical Skill” and “Set Piece” training regimens and lessons
  • Our “Fast Track” System that is designed to NOT hold talented players back no matter their age.
  • This camp will have a “Let her rip” disposition and atmosphere for students who are prepared to challenge themselves and others (any skill or functional area imaginable).
  • We teach Standardized technical skill (S.T.A.R. and S.P.R.) mechanisms and mechanics versus the final outcome whether it is Actual Versus Expected Results
  • We teach and train you to think ahead of the other players on the pitch as if you are playing in an active Soccer Chess Match via our cutting edge “Soccer Up” Learning Power Points.
  • The end result/goal of our cutting edge training system is designed to allow you to advise and lead your team during actual matches
  • This allows you to stay one step ahead of your opponents and to know which technical skill to use or apply and why or when to do so.