Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Title 1 and Title 4 Services 


  • Title 1 PSA Shared Cost Discount for Title Students NOT involved on an Advisory Board: 50%


  • Title 1 PSA Shared Cost Discount for Non Title 1 Students involved on an Advisory Board: 50%


  • Title 1 Peer Advisory Board Program Member Cost:  $150 per year subject to availability


  • Title 1 Community Ambassador/Peer Trainer Cost:  $1.00 per month or any donation subject to availability, but any player can be a Peer Trainer/Community Ambassador



  • Enrollment in College Campus Online (Tm) which tracks PSA progression through Metrics monitoring via seven (7) Resource Centers:  Admissions Resource Center; Standardized Testing Resource Center; Eligibility Resource Center; Recruiting Resource Center; Financial Aid Resource Center; Counseling Resource Center and The Coach’s Corner


  • Automatic enrollment in the Training Academy Certificatification Program – Five (5) International Brazilian Master Technical Skills Badges Awarded


  • Free Technical Skills Competition Entry for Peer Trainers and Community Ambassadors


  • Free Counseling Services (Pre-Approved Family; Social; Academic; and Athletic Topics of Interest will be addressed) with follow-on therapy/counseling when identified as needed


  • PSA Briefcase (Cover Letter; Profile/Resume and Compilation Video/Footage)Limited Video Production Services when available (ie…School TV Production Department or Qualified Community Volunteers)


  • Community Activism and Volunteer Hours Awarded for Service and Safety Program support


  • Monthly Meetings (Can be increased to meet student needs)


  • Access to Free Scholarship Services


  • Access to Free Roster Spot Services


  • Free Technical Skills Training


  • Significant ID Camp and Training Premium Event Discounts – Free for Peer Trainers and Community Ambassadors