The Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Briefcase 

Cost:  From $195.00 For Title 1/4 Prospective Student Athletes

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Here’s How Getting Started Works!  Call our team 24/7 including Weekends and All Holidays at (904) 515-5675 or click the PayPal Button above to select the Start-up Package; pay then call our team for immediate services or we will call you within 24 hours

We build your PSA Briefcase which will include a Player Profile and Introductory PSA Recruiting Letter and will assist you with adding your College PSA Recruiting Video.   Please note that there is an additional charge for Video Production Services.  Again, please call us at (904) 515-5675; 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays for pricing details and/or other additional information

The Average National Scholarship Offer Rate is 7% while our current  College Connect™ (Scholarship/Roster Spot/Receipt of Personal Emails from Coaches) Success Rate is 100% as a Start-up Recruiting Education Service.  We do understand the fact that our Reputation is on the line.  Again, our goal is always to assist you with your efforts to receive either a Scholarship Offer; Roster Spot and/or  Personal Emails declaring interest in you in 24-48 hours or less, but of course we can not make false promises or guarantees. 

Please remember more than anything that the “Recruiting Game” as many call it, is a Competitive Process as you are competing for fast dwindling resources and that “Many More Resources” than most parents and PSAs actually realize are on the line such as Academic Scholarships; Athletic Scholarships; Private Scholarships; Dorm Space; Stadium Seats; Financial Aid; Grants; Work Study Assignments; Internships; Roster Spots; Book Allowances; Honors College Scholarships; and even Parking Spaces.