Our BRONZE Badge Membership

Cost:  $795 with four (4) affordable plans to choose from for the First Year, then $19.95 per PSA Counseling Session only when assistance is requested from a “Live Counselor”!*

Option 1:  Make a single payment 

Option 2:  Make two equal payments of $397.50 at start-up and within 30 days

Option 3:  Choose our 50/50 Flexpay$495 Down then only two (2) $150.00 payments over 60 days

Option 4:   Choose Extended Flexpay – $495 Down then Flexpay 12 payments of only $25.00 per month

  • Our Master International Technical Skills Training and Certification Badge Membership allows you to train for life with significant Camp Discounts plus zero additional membership charges until you move to your next certification level with one exception as all members who move on to play in college automatically are enrolled/upgraded to the Designation of  Volunteer Trainer/Coach or Certified Trainer/Coach.


  • Add College Connect Premium Services (Obtain Scholarships and Roster Spots) at any time for $295.00 and we will prepare your Student Profile (Resume) and Introductory Recruiting Cover Letter and send your PSA Briefcase to over 1,000 College/University Soccer Programs. Video Production NOT included.


  • Receive a Free Value Added College Campus Online (Tm) Membership which includes Full Service Collegiate Admissions and Recruiting Support, Education and Training from your very own Personal College Campus Online Advisor/Counselor


  • Automatically receive access to Free Collegiate Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Admissions and Recruiting Service Metrics Monitoring that facilitates your ability to know where you stand in the College Admissions and Recruiting process at all times


  • Receive a 20% Video Production Discount when in-house services are used


  • Receive Special Technical Skills Camp and Certification Training discounts of 20%


  • Receive Free Annual Entry into our Regional Technical Skills Competition


  • Upgrade or Rollover to a higher membership with a penalty throughout the life of your plan and only pay the difference between plans


  • Participate in Free Value Added Standardized Technical Ability Rating (S.T.A.R.) skills training sessions in Jacksonville, Florida


  • Take advantage of Free Value Added Standardized Personal Record (SPR) skills training sessions in Jacksonville, Florida


  • Train and practice with Certified Peer Trainers/Community Sports Ambassadors


  • When announced all Report Card Day community events is Free to students who are rewarded by School Reps for significant Civic and/or Academic Improvement both inside and outside of the classroom


  • When announced, all Public and Private Schools “Kid Safety Zone” training sessions are conducted “For Free


  • All Bronze Level Soccer Technical Ability Skills Rating Professional Certification Sessions are periodically  “Discounted 20%  to Members Only!”

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