The Middle School or Junior High system is to be implemented and managed by a Council of Our Children and their Peers with emphasis on At-Risk and Socio-Economically Disadvantaged students and supported within a community supported self contained education based setting and environment managed by School Administrators and Coaching Staff Members.

Our Middle School/Junior High School Education Enrichment Program Directors will work with the staffs of local community based schools to indentify qualified and dynamic Student Volunteers who will work with assigned County Adult Volunteers who visit and instill established academic and athletic values needed within our children while also running Soccer up America Peer MentorTraining Sessions that captivate the minds and interest of all participating kids.  We would work to identify potential future player; implement student fitness strategies and to build more player pathways in order to afford opportunities for participation in soccer and sports in general to all students who are passionate about playing and learning the game.  Each school will identify both male and female student Mentors who will be responsible for assisting our Volunteers during soccer special events and training.