Soccer up America ™ Master International Technical Skills (TS) Training Academy

  • Our 4-8 Hour or Multi-day Elite Camps are designed to challenge the most talented players with special International and Brazilian “Technical Skill” and “Set Piece” training regimens and lessons
  • Intense training at this level is supplemented with Battle Bot Mental Toughness Training
  • Students must also demonstrate proficiency in the following functional areas: Oral/Public Speaking; Communications and Training Presentations
  • All Elite Camp lesson plans are designed to prepare players to train and/or coach other players and understand the mental aspects of the game.
  • Players will analyzed Technical Skill and learn the art of how and why they are done in a camp setting and be able to explain such.
  • Player will be required to perform all Technical Skill Trained and learned in a Game Setting via a series of Test and Challenges during game like settings
  • Plus our staff will offer additional challenges and skills as determined based upon identified needs of our players and their families

Elite Soccer Camps – $195.00 per camp