College Campus Sports (Soccer) Admissions Resource Center 1

Welcome to the Future. Our Collegiate Admissions Progress Tracking and Notification Application student athletes and their families to chart their progress toward entering and being accepted into college as this will bring them back to our sight as it will facilitate and guide them and their player profile page should have a Progress Bar that tracks measures their Process in a visual fashion. It would be great it the bar would be red until a certain level is reached then turn yellow and ultimately Green.

This will help families with goal setting. We could then set up email or automatic email campaigns to send to the player and their parents letting them know that a task needs to be completed. We could also then send marketing campaigns to all parties offering opportunities for them to sign up for our services and in order for them to use our tool they must allow us to send them marketing information. They should also have the capability to both turn on and off this feature with the click of a button.

What the Admissions Resource Center 1 will be able to Track

  • Admissions Application Status
  • Admissions Acceptance
  • FSFA Pell Grant Application Completed
  • FASFA Award Received
  • Schools Selected Listed Entered on FASFA
  • NCAA Eligibility Sign-up Completed
  • NCAA Eligibility Number Posted
  • High School Transcripts sent to the College
  • SAT or ACT Scores
  • Student Loan (Optional Player Click Box)
  • Housing Selected (Player Click Box)
  • Tuition Reviewed (Player Click Box)
  • H.S. Transcript to NCAA Clearing House/Eligibility Center
  • SAT/ACT Score to NCAA Clearing House/Eligibility Center
  • Schools Visited
  • Universal School Application (Link)

College Campus Sports (Soccer) Standardized Testing Resource Center 2

Students seriously considering a school should immediately send their academic Transcripts and Standardized Test scores to each schools Office of Admissions.

Students can choose which test scores to send and the scores sent should be the higher scores.

Some schools, but not all, schools will super score tests. This means that they will take the highest scores from each test to give the student credit for the highest scores per subject matter area no matter the test or how many other times the test was taken.

Many schools will give students credit for the highest area score and this is a game changing concept for many students.

But we also let students know that many “Top” schools will not Super Score test scores so please check with each school applied to

What the Student will access In The Standardized Testing Resource Center 2

  • SAT Scores; a Fact Sheet and Links to the SAT Website
  • ACT Scores; a Fact Sheet and Links to the SAT Website
  • Super scoring Fact Sheet
  • Our Super Scoring Tool/Calculator 
  • Score Choice Fact Sheet