The Super Peek Performance Plan Campus College Sports™ Soccer Teen Advisory Committee

Our Goal Are To:

  • Increase college entry acceptance for all program participants.
  • Indentify Pathways to Soccer Scholarships for every child who seeks to receive one!
  • Mentor and educate all students and increase awareness by arming them with the TRUTH
  • Improve the Technical Skills of every passionate player involved in the game.
  • Increase the competitiveness of each School and club team involved to the point that we all can see the difference on the pitch.
  • Link player love of the game to academics and civic awareness in order to develop citizen soccer players who are empowered enough to get involved and give back to our communities.
  • Push back against the system, in order to take action, but more importantly show other businesses and partners how to run a program and the benefits of getting off the sideline; getting involved even in a passive partnership role and the benefits of taking action.
  • Build better or new and improved bridges for Community Services by linking and giving or building pathways for communications and support across agencies.
  • Thus develop and implement a program that is life-changing for all involved and is both complementary and supplementary to the goals of all agencies struggling to connect in their communities
  • Develop and Identify future potential local Club and even National Academy players though the identification of children who are passionate about the game, then to give those children better pathways to soccer and success in life in general
  • Keep our children safe and make sure that they know they are loved.
  • Identify local At-Risk children and Home School needs and challenges faced by all families no matter the students parents income or socio economic conditions

How:  Via the implementation of an Exportable Peer Coaching and Mentoring Development System designed by parents, administrators and teachers for all of our children.

Who:  The system is to be implemented and managed by a Council of Our Children and their Peers with emphasis on At-Risk and Socio-Economically Disadvantaged students and supported within a community supported self contained education based setting and environment managed by School Administrators and Coaching Staff Members.

Why:  The noise has grown louder so now many can’t hear our families and especially our kids.

What is the Value Added Solution?    The program is designed to grow, develop, feed, protect their innocence and keep our children safe.

Costs:  The Student Certification Training Course; the Platform and access to the developed platform is to be paid for by the School System and the peer Coaching Program is to be funded by grants and volunteers with minimal support from the School District.

The ROI or Financial Benefits of establishing a Community Partnership with Soccer up America™ ROI:  Free Access to College Campus Sports, “For Life”.

When can it be started?  Immediately Upon Approval

How long will it take to Implement/Start?  One (1) Day via an eight (8) Hour Certification Course

How many days per week?  Daily or Bi-weekly

What will the Mentoring, Coaching and Training Program offer?  

  • Community Based After School Care and Support Services (Qualified/Vetted Volunteers)
  • Academic Mentoring and Support Services (Grade Dependent Participation once selected with Exceptions to the Rule)
  • Educational Instructional and Field Situational Athletic Training
  • Certification Training for all Student Mentors/Training who will be enrolled in Coaching and other certification training with local colleges and U.S. Soccer
  • Public Speaking Opportunities and Training (With Occasional Guest Speakers)
  • Access to Mobile/Rotating/Online and Cellular based Coaching Connected Professionals and Training (Active Professional Level Sponsorships)
  • Grass Roots Business Community Financial Support
  • Individual and Team Awards and Recognition Ceremonies/Events
  • College ID Visits to local Campuses and their Facilities (Visualization)
  • Supervised wholesome and fun Social Media Training during organized School Spirit Competition Weeks
  • Free Full Access to College Campus Sports Online Applications and scholarships
  • Free Access to a Branded Sports Academy (Soccer during our first trials, then other sports)
  • Full Scheduled Program Metrics and Performance Assessments with the assistance of our Staff
  • The ability to connect other programs with our solution as students participating in this initiative will be the recipients of snacks and sandwiches after school. There are many more potential applications of such a comprehensive program.