Advanced Camps:  4-8 Hour Camps promoted as our “Fast Track” System that is designed to NOT hold talented players back no matter the age. This camp will have a, “Let her rip” disposition/atmosphere for students who are prepared to challenge themselves and others to the brink of quitting.  Players are challenged; pushed and required to execute S.T.A.R. skills during various stages of training and during game simulations/conditions and settings.  This camp takes our motto:  If you don’t want to play like PROs, then don’t come to our camp to a whole new level.

  • Elite Camps: Our 4-8 Hour Elite Camps are designed to challenge the most talented players with special International and Brazilian “Technical Skill” and “Set Piece” training regimens and lessons which are supplemented with Battle Bot Mental Toughness Training along with a dash of Oral Speaking; Communications and Presentation lesson plans designed to prepare players to coach and understand the mental aspects of the game.  Plus our staff will offer additional skills as determined based upon the needs of our players and their families
  • Residential Camps: Over Night and Onsite multiple day sessions that progress through a series of skills training and special challenges which are followed by Certification Testing and ending with 7v7 and 11v11 small side games. College Coaches may or may not be onsite. Students may ask for video certification at any time during these events as the strategically placed cameras will always be rolling.
  • College ID Camp: Our College ID Camp is a completely different setting, set-up and format that allow Coaches to sit; have refreshments or a meal; observe player technical skills up close and may even pull to interact with and train players in a College Combine setting.
  • Summer Camps: Special Traditional Summer Training in a Camp setting with a soccer theme