Soccer up America ™ Master International Technical Skills (TS) Training Academy

Our 4-8 Hour or Multi-day Soccer Up Advanced Camps are designed to challenge the most talented players with faster paced advanced skills; training regimens and lessons.

In fact, our “Fast Track” Training System is designed to NOT hold talented players back no matter their age. The end result and goal of our cutting-edge training system is designed to allow you to support; advise and lead your team during actual matches. If you are “Good Enough” you are “Good Enough to Play”. During our Camps, we:

  • Encourage “Free Play” balanced with Team Tactics and Dynamics
  • Promote a “Let Her Rip” disposition and atmosphere for the most demanding players
  • Teach Soccer Technical Ability Ratings (S.T.A.R.) and Soccer Personal Records (S.P.R.) Skills as Standardized Mechanisms
  • Train you how to think ahead of ALL other players on the pitch
  • Teach you to select and know which technical skill to use or apply and why or when to do so.

Advanced Soccer Camps – $195.00 per camp