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Introducing College Connect™ at R9 in Orlando, Florida:  25% Off RONALDO ACADEMY (R9) Member Players; Families and Friends – Special Ends 1 Mar 2020

CONGRATULATIONS ARE IN ORDER!  We are proud to announce that Soccer Up America, LLC has formed a Strategic Collaborative Partnership and Alliance with The Ronaldo Academy (R9) which is owned by one of the greatest Brazilian Soccer Players to ever grace the pitch and play the game.

In honor of our continuing blessings and achievements like “Free Park Training” in Jacksonville , Florida we are going to open up our celebration to all of you and all of them.

Should you choose to allow our team to place you in the Driver’s Seat and your lives on Stress Free Cruise Control, our life changing Service is designed to assist you with your efforts to receive either a Scholarship Offer; Roster Spot and/or Personal Emails from College Coaches declaring interest in you in 24-48 hours or less. You will also receive College ID Camp Invitations which we will use to show you how to craft a winning recruiting plan that leads to your ultimate success!

We know that our reputation is on the line. The chance (National Average) of your receiving a Collegiate Soccer Scholarship is 7%.  To date all (100%) of our clients, within 48 hours or less have received emails from schools that made “On The Spot” offers or that eventually made the final offer that was accepted. Although, we can NOT make false promises and/or guarantees to you, that is always our goal.

In fact, when you become a member you automatically gain access to two (2) innovative divisions:  1.  College Connect™ Scholarship and Roster Spot Services and 2. Soccer Up AmericaTraining Academy.  Both divisions were designed with laser like pinpoint focuses that if followed are proven to led each member to success both on and off the pitch.

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Our Current Scholarship and Roster Spot Success Rate: 100%

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