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Myths and Facts about Recruiting and Collegiate Soccer (22Fact Sheets)that recruiting Services Don’t Want You to Know


Do All Communications Mean the Same?

Growing Pains

Are Recruiting Questionnaire a Waste of Time?

The High School Recruiting System

The College Sports ID System

So When All Else Fails Go International

True Story:  Nightmares and Pitfalls Will Happen So,“Expect The Unexpected”

True Story:  Five (5) hours of Driving and For Nothing

What is ACT Superscoring?

Standardized Testing

The Social Media Time Bomb

So Just How Important is Video?

SAT Score Choice

Leverage and I’m nottalking About The TV Show Either

College School Choice and Our Personal Experience

Volunteer Hours

Student Loans

Family Life and Academics versus Sports and Athletics (The Culture Shock)

Being Down, But “NOT” Out

So I Got Off to a Late Start

High School Choice

True Story:  Don’t Believe Everything You Hear From a Soccer Coach

Recruiting Services and the Truth behind the Game.


The College Campus NCAA Recruiting Resource Center

and its state of the art Recruit Tracking Application (230 Points)

will track and assist the Student Athlete with management of the following critical items:

NCAA Student Athlete College Readiness Metrics

Signed up for College Campus Online Services. 5050
Player Profile Completed2020
Recruiting Letter Completed2020
PSA Video Completed5050
ACT/SAT Sent to Schools5050
ACT/SAT Meets Specified School Standards5050
Official Transcripts sent to Colleges/Universities 5050
Official Transcripts Sent to Coach. 5050
Secure Player Briefcase Sent to Coach100100
Recruit Questionnaires Submitted to Top Schools5050
College Applications Completed 5050
Player receives a Roster Spot Offer5050
Player receives a Scholarship Offer5050
Player accepts a Roster Spot Offer5050
Player accepts a Scholarship Offer and Commits 5050
Recruiting Myths/Truths Fact Sheets Reviewed1010
Additional Recruiting Letters Sent as Needed2020
Student approved for Admissions5050
ACT/SAT Scores Sent to NCAA Eligibility Center5050
Pell Grant Application completed and submitted3030
Pell Grant Award Received5050
Student Loan Application Completed1010
Student Loan Approved55
External Scholarships have been applied for5050
External Scholarships have been obtained5050
Additional Video Footage – Compilation Sent2020
Additional Video Footage – Raw Video Sent2020
Enrolled in School Residential ID Camp 2020
School Residential ID Camp Completed100100
NCAA Eligibility Number Received2020
NCAA Eligibility Number Sent to Coach2020
ACT/SAT Scores sent to NCAA Eligibility Center2020
Official Final Transcripts sent to Schools5050
Official Final Transcripts Sent to Coach2020
Official Final Transcripts sent to NCAA Eligibility Center2020
NCAA Recruiting College Readiness Score:13951395

Secure Player Briefcase Sent to Coach:  Player Profile; NCAA Recruiting Letters; Video; Transcripts and ACT/SAT Scores all Sent to Coaches simultaneously

Player Potential Student Athlete (PSA) Recruit Questionnaires to Top Prospective Schools Submitted or for those who responded to your emailed letters

Official Transcripts: Such items can be sent (mailed) by the prospective student or Student Player, but only when the documents sealed by their High School.  Should the seal be broken by any party other than the receiving school/college, the documents are then considered to be “Unofficial” and as such can’t be accepted by the receiving school for admissions purposes.   Many High Schools do send transcripts directly to each requesting school/college electronically, but usually for a small fee.

Official Transcripts Sent to Coach: Coaches usually have a lot of clout so please send all documents the way that your Coach is requesting that they be sent.

College Applications:  Applications Completed and filled out to schools that the player wants to attend at any point in the process based upon application deadlines and competition for financial resources.  So start early in the year or as soon as Admissions and Scholarship applications are being accepted

NCAA Recruiting College Readiness Rating

Raw Score (Pts Earned)1395
Possible Points1395
College Readiness Rating:100%

NCAA Recruiting College Readiness Rating Analysis

Congratulations: You should have already received either a personal Response to attend both College ID and School Residential Camps. Please remember the in the world of Men’s Soccer that if you wish to play D-1, you must usually play in front of a Coaching Staff. At thislevel we say that you must “Play for your food”. It is also quite possible that you received a Roster Spot or even Scholarship offer. This success is directly tied to your overall diligence in completing all tasks in a timely manner.1395

NCAA Recruiting Resource Center Feedback

  • I am a Senior and am soon resolving this issue
  • I am NOT a Senior, so please update my rating
  • I have been accepted into the college of my choice and will be attending that college. When this click box is checked the application automatically turns the area Green and turns off all notification and warning prompts/messages. The Student/User can always un-click the Click Box and by doing so will then turn back on all notifications and prompts.
  • I am no longer interested in attending college
  • I have decided to join the Military (Armed Forces)
  • Please turn off this annoying tracking feature