Soccer up America ™ Master International Technical Skills (TS) Training Academy

Soccer S.P.R. Certification Camps – $250

  • 4 – 8 Hour camps solely devoted to the Certification of Player Soccer Personal Record (S.P.R.) skills
  • Establishes the Player Standardized Personal Records National Database and Storage Vault
  • Documents Soccer Standardized Personal Records (S.P.R.) that are officially tested
  • Enters official results into our S.P.R. National Database that is viewed and open to the public
  • Our current list of Athletic Skills Tests include, but are not limited to:
  • The 40 Yard Dash/Sprint with and without the soccer ball
  • 100 Yard Dash/Sprint with and without the soccer ball
  • 800 Meter Run
  • One (1) Mile Run
  • Two (2) Mile Run
  • Various Shuffle Runs
  • Verticals
  • The Wonderlic Examination
  • International and Brazilian Soccer Technical Skills; Distance Punting; Dynamic Power Kicks; Throw-Ins; and Juggling (Inside; outside and Laces Feet; Knees; Chest; Legs/Thighs and Head)