Master International (Brazilian) Technical Skills Training and Certification

MASTER Certification | S.T.A.R. Grade: 96% – 100%
Cost: $2500.00

  • Our Premium 5-Year Membership Now Comes With a Free Lifetime Upgrade – Train Until You Reach The Top Certification Level!
  • Full Access to Personal Coach Emails; National College ID and Personal University ID Camp Invites; Official Visits;  Roster Spots and Scholarships.
  • Free Access to Technical Skills Training Sessions* Subject to Availability
  • Significant Member Premium Camp Discounts
  • One (1) Free Video Upload Assistance Session Plus Huge Video Production and Editing Session Discounts
  • Mobile Services Available – We Come To You!*
  • Open 24/7 including Weekends and Holidays

Cost: $2500.00