June 11, 2020 (Yesterday), a USWNT GROUP Member and now our client signed up for our services. She is a D1 Transfer! She spoke with me two (2) weeks ago and received a Free PSA Briefcase (Recruiting Cover Letter; Player Profile and Video) Evaluation. I made suggestions as to how to prepare and improve her video. Yes, I reviewed her current video and made numerous VALUE-ADDED recommendations. I told her that based upon what I was seeing that if she followed my instructions and guidance and ACTUALLY finished the process that she would receive 100s of Scholarship and/or Roster Spot offers. Our Initial conversation was 100% “Free of Charge!”

Well, she called to tell me that she had NOT responded because she was considering accepting an NAIA Offer, because it was her ONLY decent offer. Mind you, she is playing D1 at a lower tier School. But it is still D1!  Hence, we ONLY told her to test the waters so that she would NEVER have any regrets.  Hey, our daughter transferred from D1 to NAIA and she absolutely loves and adores her school and her team.  Soccer is really about the fellowship!  So, choose wisely!

I told her that in my opinion she should finish the process and stressed the fact that I gave her an honest evaluation. I told her that it was, “Her Call”! She is D1 by all standards. We want the best for our clients.  She listened, then signed up for our services at about noon yesterday! We took an hour to sign her up. Plus, she made a few final changes to her PSA Compilation Video while I built her Online Presence. Once her PSA Briefcase was finished, we (Soccer Up America (Tm) spent 12 hours and sent/blasted out her information to over 1200 college programs, when she went to bed! LOL!


  • We sent the first email and she received her first offer 1 minute later!
  • We then sent a second email to the University of Notre Dame and they reviewed her portfolio one (1) second later!
  • She had two (2) YouTube views as of yesterday and as of today she has well over 200 views
  • She has received over 1300 emails from coaches in less than 8 hours and most are personal
  • As of this morning she had close to 100 Scholarship and Roster Spot Offers
  • She has received over 200 emails from coaches
  • She has received over 100 personal responses from Coaches and every hour her count is still going up
  • She has responses and tentative offers from D1 coaches
  • She has Scholarship Offers from Coaches with actual $ amounts in them! that is how bad they want her!
  • Coaches are demanding that she call
  • Coaches were asking to speak to her all last evening
  • She has coaches making D1 Offers without asking her to play live in front of them.
  • They made their decisions based upon her PSA Briefcase contents alone.
  • They demanded that she join them ASAP!


Now! This is the part where many parents and players will usually tell me that, “You are a Liar!” or “You can’t get that done!” or “You need meds!” and the ole epic, “We signed up for NCSA years ago at $800-$2500 per year so we are GOOD!”

It is also important to note: We are in the middle of a Pandemic of Historic Proportions and more importantly, High School and College Graduations are over and usually at this point in time Collegiate Soccer Teams are almost 95% set in stone. But this year is so very different. In fact, many schools are losing commitments due to COVID and now they are being forced to recruit all over again even when their rosters were already set up to four years out. This pandemic changed everything!

SO now to complicate it all the NCAA has extended their dead period which means D1 schools cannot yet start recruiting or even have College ID Camps that were usually completed around this time of the year in order to allow many colleges to fill any remaining vacancies on their current squads while mainly confirming their PSA picks for the following year or even talent ID years down the road.

COVID changed it all! So now there for the first time in College Soccer History is still a significant amount of funds (MONEY) still swirling around in the Soccer Universe and this also includes Roster Spots.

So, when you call, I will review your Prospective Student Athlete (PSA) Briefcase plus explain just what this all means to YOU or your PSA based upon a FREE Review and in detail during our initial 100% Free Informational Interview.

Next should you decide to move forward a $95 Counseling Service Fee is then required. Plus, a Non-Refundable $10.00 Online Account Activation Fee is also required as I must pay an account activation fee to an online recruiting service provider. I chose the Provider based upon my evaluation of the player’s needs. The player will work side by side with me as they build their online presence. Once their online profile is done, I will do the rest! The remainder of the Full Payment ($695) is due when the player receives any email response. We will then release the account to the player! The player will then respond to the coaches and are welcome to call us 24/7 including weekends and holidays for assistance.


The results will be immediate and far reaching, but I make no guarantees. I can at this point base my comments only on what our results have been to this day!

  • 100% Success! All clients have been able to connect with a Coach in order to find out where they stand! This is our ONLY Promise!
  • Every Client (100%) is now playing soccer in college, no matter their playing skills (REC or Travel) brought to our service and yes, we are a start-up Serves, but then we are a very successful and proven service
  • Every client had received D1/D2/D3/NAIA; Christian Schools; Military Service Academy and other offers too
  • Every Accepted Client has received a Collegiate Scholarship Offer! We have NOT turned any client down to date as long as they are willing to work as a team! We will not take you on if we feel that we can NOT help you! We will be up front with you before you pay for any service!
  • Every Client received Roster Spot Offers and in fact most receive 100s of offers
  • Top Players who are funded by parents and other organizations 100% of the time received D1 Roster Spot Offers
  • Top Players who are funded by parents and other organizations 100% of the time were told not to reveal their financials upfront and as a result 100% of the time received significant Academic or Athletic Offers from numerous colleges
  • Every client has received a Scholarship or Roster Spot Offer within 24 hours


Note:  I personally called the NCAA Compliance Officer and told them that I wanted to be paid “AFTER” I found the players, Scholarships. That is just how much I believe in our services. They informed me that according to NCAA Rules, that was illegal and even went so far as to say that I had to Charge for all services upfront! They told me that any player who received FREE services (with no upfront payment) would 100% be in jeopardy of losing their NCAA Eligibility! No Kidding! So, I can’t even offer a 100% Iron Clad Guarantee! I dare you to prove me wrong!



She was/is overwhelmed! Here are some of her actual responses and she will gladly give referrals.

PSA (Client):

I just finished talking to the school it went well

Soccer Up America (LC):

What they say?

PSA (Client):

He already knew me before and has seen me play. He pretty much offered everything.

He would pay for my housing in an apartment with other teammates which is 200 a month and I would still probably get between $2000-$3000 refunded back to me

He also said he could help out getting me work coaching

He has a very attacking mindset and it sounded all good to me

I’m going to talk to UW Parkside right now and after I will try to talk to Indiana

PSA (Client):

This is tooo much!

I have to get organized quick with a notebook!

Soccer Up America (LC)

Laughing! SO Hard!

I tried to warn you!

FRI 10:01 PM

PSA (Client):

Yeah, the dashboard could be a little more efficient. Ha-ha but overall, I am astonished. I wish I knew about this earlier .I thank you so much for this. It’s going to be a very busy weekend as I hopefully begin to narrow things down. Again, thank you I am finally going to get some rest now. Goodnight. I will talk to you more again tomorrow.

12:35 PM


PSA (Client):

These numbers are insane!


  • Initial Front-End Design Started in Late (2018)
  • Front End Re-design (Twice in 2019)
  • Back-end Programming begins June 25, 2020
  • Current:  100% Scholarship Success Rate; the National Avg is less than 5%
  • Current:  100% College Placement Success Rate; the National Avg is 7%
  • Current:  100% Roster Spot Offer Success Rate; the National Avg is 7%
  • Current:  100% College Connect™ (Personal Email) Success Rate; the National Avg is estimated at 50%
  • Current:  100% Readiness Rate Compliance by Program Participants; the National Avg is 69.8%
  • Duval Schools Teen Advisory Board (TAB) Program Conceived
  • Duval Schools Executive Leadership Council Conceived
  • Duval Superintendent Community Sports Ambassador Program Conceived
  • Soccer Up America Control Panel and Back-end Development Starts (April 2020)
  • Year One (1) Goal:  Double the College Attendance Percentage % for Duval H.S. Players